• ESL Program

    The ESL program teaches anyone who wants to learn English as a path to citizenship. It could be a newcomer to the country or someone who for whatever reason  never had the chance to learn English before. To learn more about the ESL program at the Coalition, visit the program page.

  • Youth Effect

    The Youth Effect program is for youth between 9 and 19 years old, and focuses on academic excellence, civic engagement and developing leadership skills. To join Youth Effect or learn more, visit the program page.

  • Referral Services

    The Direct and Referral program assists our community members with all their needs concerning their health, employment, social and economic matters. We are committed in finding solutions to

    the issues at hand. To learn more about the Direct and Referral services, visit the program page.

  • Wellness Program

    Our Wellness program focuses on the well being of our community members. Through the yoga class they learn how to find calmness and tranquility  within themselves.


    The Vovinam classes by the Le LAi Academy help improve discipline, physical & mental strength and develop confidence in adults and the youth.


    Our classes are open for everyone, and we welcome you to give it a try.


    To learn more about the Wellness program, visit the program page.



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