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Our Story The Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts, Inc. (SEAC) was founded in 1999 and established as a non-profit agency in 2001 to address the lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate support services for Southeast Asian immigrants in Central Massachusetts, which includes Laotians, Cambodians and Vietnamese. SEAC’s mission is to assist Southeast Asians in Central Massachusetts successfully integrate into mainstream society while maintaining their unique cultural identity. SEAC has developed a strong reputation both among members of our cultural community and with our partners in the community at large for being a trusted organization of first resort. According to a study done by EOHS regions in Massachusetts called Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities estimates, 7% of Worcester’s population is Asian, which totals to about 12,800 people. However, we believe this under represents the actual number of Asians in the community. The majority are immigrants who have come to settle here over the last 30 years. Even today, many new immigrants are coming to reunite with family; the Asian population of Worcester is steadily growing. In order to fulfill our unique mission the SEAC provides services and support in the areas of health, education, civic engagement and cultural expression to the vibrant Southeast Asian community in the City of Worcester.
MISSION The Southeast Asian Coalition is a not-for-profit organization that supports, promotes and advocates for the success of the Southeast Asians of Central Massachusetts in the mainstream society. The Southeast Asian Coalition will pursue its mission by: Providing assistance in the area of educational and job training, economic, as well as emotional, social and cultural support to enable Southeast Asians to successfully mainstream into American society. Linking between the Southeast Asians and the American community. Supporting the cultural heritage of the different Southeast Asian cultures represented in the Greater Worcester community.
  • Anh Vu Sawyer

    Executive Director

    Anh has been with the Southeast Asian Coalition for almost a year now. And in that time she has developed new programs such as the wellness and sewing program and expand the existing   programs such as the ESL and Referral services.


    Besides focusing on our programs, she has encouraged the development of arts

    and culture within our community.

  • Tracy Nguyen

    Direct & Referral manager / Office manager

    Like many of our staff, Tracy wears many hats at the coalition. As office manager, she keeps the office running smoothly on a daily basis. And as our Direct & Referral manager she makes sure all our clients receive the best assistance with all their needs.


    She is also the outreach coordinator for our community when it comes to employment, civic engagement and cultural events.


    To learn more about our Direct and Referral

    Program visit this page.



To all our funders


Without the gracious donations from foundations, community agencies, and the Worcester Community; our direct services, ESL classes, and Youth Effect program would not have expanded to where it is now. As our programs and services continue to expand with the growth of our community we need your help to integrate the Southeast Asian Community into mainstream society and maintain the culture of our youth who are born in America, please consider donating.

  • Boa D. Newgate

    Cultural Broker / Program Manager

    As the Program Manager, Boa leads all of the programs at SEAC including VSL, Youth Effect and WYND. Boa also works as a Culture Broker for all at-risk people eligible for the program.




    Youth Effect members Nobelt and Sang wrote the following:





  • Chau Tran

    Youth Advisor / Culture Program Coordinator

    Contact Chau with any questions regarding Youth Effect or Performance Requests.



We want to make Worcester a better place for our community members, creating an exciting environment for the city to grow. With our outreach programs we have reached a large part of the Asian community in Worcester.

But we can do better, that is why we want to work with individuals and organizations. Together we can build a vibrant Southeast Asian Community for a vibrant Worcester!



We are always looking for passionate individuals to help us organize events such as the Asian Festival, support our ESL teachers or lend a helping hand to any of the programs we have going on.


If you are interested call 508-791-4373 to learn more about volunteering at the Southeast Asian Coalition


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